Please note these questions and answers are indented as a guide only. The official terms and conditions will be made available to those who fill out the expressions of interest form no later than Monday January 17 2022.

What is a slot race?

A slot race involves the pre-selling of a set number of slots that are purchased by either businesses or individuals, which represents a starting position in the race. At the time of slot purchase, the horse that will run in the slot is usually unspecified. The slot holder has the right to race, lease, contract, on sell or come to an agreement with connections to race their horse in their slot.

Who can apply for a slot?

Individuals or businesses can apply.

Can I buy more than one slot?

No, a business or individual can only own one slot in the race.

Can I get friends together to purchase a slot?

Yes, all businesses individuals and entities can purchase a slot providing they meet all the terms and conditions.

How do I purchase a slot?

Everyone must apply for a slot and all applications will be considered by an independent panel. The panel will be facilitated by Deloitte and will select the best 10 applications based on a selection criteria.

When will I need to pay for my slot?

Payment of the annual slot fee will be required at least one month prior to the running of The Race

What is the selection criteria?

The selection criteria will be provided to applicants along with the terms and conditions that will be released on January 17, 2022. Part of the criteria will be to explain how you intend to promote the slot.

Do I need to own a horse to apply for a slot?

No, after slot holders are announced the process will then be to negotiate and make arrangement with trainers and owners of the horse they want to represent them in the race.

Do I need to know what horse will race in my slot when I apply?

No, you don’t have to declare which horse will be running in your slot until Monday April 4, 2022.

Do I need to commit to three years?

Yes. It is a term for purchasing a slot that it is a requirement.

Can I on sell my slot?

Yes, however the purchaser must be approved by the independent panel and follow the original application process and the terms and conditions. This also must be completed prior to February 28 of each year.

Who gets the prize money?

Slot holders must negotiate and make agreements with the owners. Waikato Bay Of Plenty Harness will not have derail of these arrangements and prize money can be split at the discretion of the involved parties.